Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bloody bloody history.

I knew today was going to be an awful awful day.

I could feel it in my bones -_-

The driver quit last night because he got told off for being late every single day.

Seriously? Seriously.

So I walked to school (Saudi Embassy to Shahbaz, that's a good 20 min walk people.).

Sure it's fun when it's raining and the weather's great but not so much when it's hot, humid and sunny out and your backpack weighs a ton.

I think I'd like a scooter.

A purple or Red one.

Like the one's girls in India have.

Time girls in Pakistan got them too.

But then again, girls on scooters are probably haram. :-/

And girls here (or the ones I know at least) would rather die then move around in anything but their big fancy cars.

Back To My Bad Day

So Literature wasn't anything special, and afterwards I tried to run to the library and get some Law done, but Sadia reminded me of how we had to call S.D, which I did.

Thrice. Only to get a;

"This number doesn't have an account. Talk to a 100 other people"

So I blew away 45 rupees on not getting through. :-|

Eventually I finally got to the library and did a bit of jury-ing and lots of magistrates-ing. Only I didn't freaking do any Sentencing.

I figured she'd be nice and give us an option. Three chapters, two questions.

If I did two chapters throughly(?) I'd be able to attempt one question. Unfortunately, there was only one question. Damn sentencing.

On the plus side I did the same for History, lots of Stalin, bit of Hitler, no Mussolini.

I spend all of last night studying bloody Russia with its bloody bloody history (pun intended :D) and its doesn't come. Good thing I did a little bit of Hitler, and revised it in Sociology.

There goes my A in law, all because I spent law-time doing history. :(

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