Saturday, March 27, 2010

General Papers

shouldn't be skipped.

Not even if you've only attended two classes ONE OF WHICH WAS A TEST.

The story behind that is very boring. But I'm going to tell it, for myself of course.

Se I've had language all year, and I've done fairly okay at it. Then our literature teacher tells us all the interesting stuff they do in general and I wish I have it/ But I can't/ Because you can only have either Language or General. General's really important though, specially in Pakistan. A lot of universities require it, and it comes in handy at interviews. So one day, I was told that language students could now take general too.And LUMS requires it too(further investigation showed it didn't). And since my general teach was my literature teach, all I had to do was fill out a form and give it to her. So I did. Only I didn't realize that there was only about a month left for the mocks and general classes were only once a week. That would mean I had roughly 4 classes, only as luck had it One Tuesday was the 23rd and the other the teach was absent. That left me with two classes, one of which was A TEST. So, not much learning there. though that one class on genetics, very interesting.

So, being the earnest student I am [^_^] was all for studying what I could from my brother' old book, and giving the mock but at the last hour realized it would be futile. So no mock-ing for me. =/

Isn't my life exciting? -_-

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