Wednesday, March 31, 2010

God, physics and the Gender Wars.

I'm not learning anything in sociology. Not a thing. And that sucks because it's such a great subject and I could've learnt so much. I don't know who to blame. Myself or the damn teacher who lets us off every other class. Not that I didn't enjoy that AT FIRST. But really, how many free classes in a year do you need people?

I'm not blaming my teacher (not so much anyway), he's a great guy. It's just..he has no zest for the earnestness. And try as hard as he might, (and really it's not that hard) he's not getting through to us. It's just the mundane old batain, then the 'lets answer the past-paper questions'. And to be honest I'm not a big fan of most kids in my socio class. They aren't there to learn, to explore, to widen their unbelievably-narrow-horizons. They're just there because they heard socio is an easy A.

I was so looking forward to learning in dept about Marx and his theories, Communism, Feminism, The Gender Wars, Post Modernism. All of it. Sure, I want an A too, but before that I really want to know my stuff. To be able to talk about A level Sociology and not just say I took it. But really That's been an epic fail.

I feel stupid.

If all teacher's were like my Law teacher school would have been a much more enjoyable place. Not that it already isn't. But she's just so COOL. And she seems to like what she teaches which I'm sure, is one of the reasons all the students enjoy her classes so much.

I think Sociology is my new Physics.

On the bright side, History is my new bilology. Which means I like it, but still suck at it. :)

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