Tuesday, April 20, 2010

History blues.

I'm still failing History!

I don't get my teacher. I love having him as a teacher but I do not GET him.

Southshore mai they love there teacher, and he loves them. And believe me I know the lot of them are a whole lot worst then us. They all get As all the time, while the highest anyone in our sorry class manages to get is a high C.

I have recently developed an annoying fixation with As which I can not seem to rid myself of. I'm pretty much getting an A in everything BUT History. I'm getting a (probably) low C in History. And I need that A, if I want to get into Holyoke or Amherst or, keeping in mind my exceptional O level grades ANY university!


HE says I don't know how to write, well okay. Maybe I don't. But why don't the other teachers give me the same feedback? Why am I getting a relatively good grade in Literature, and why was I 1st (that's right, First!) in my language class, before 'those two' joined? My language class has some pretty good writers, and I was evidently, if not better, then at least as good as them.

Today I wrote this answer on Napoleon. I called him invincible, a social climber, said he was a 'hero' and called The Directory, a fiasco. All these are opinions, not facts. Very questionable (if they can be called that) opinions. If I had put more time or thought into the essay, rest assured I would have never made such assumptions, but I was tired and basically just not in the mood for History. And to be honest, I didn't really expect him to collect the assignments anyway.


Then asked if I'd written it myself. Apparently, he seemed to like it. And if he liked it, there was no way I'd written it myself1!

Forget the French Revolution, it's against my 'ideals' to cry for As. But really, my rallying cry isn't Liberté, égalité, fraternité.. It's.. Well.. I need a rallying cry.

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