Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mocks scare me.

They really do. I haven't felt this stupid since I was at Jaffar. With their unbelievable ability to squeeze the last bit of life and originality out of you. God, I hate the place.

But really, who's idea was it to call these exams 'MOCKS'? How're you supposed to take seriously a bunch of exams called mocks?

"Mommy The MOCKS are MOCKING me again" hahaha

Okay that was stupid.

In class everyday I learn how I haven't learnt much (or learnt and forgotten) this whole year. There's history, which is a nightmare. I love it, because I really learn in it. But then I remember how I'm going to fail in my exam, and that sucks. Although my teacher does keep stressing on how grades aren't important. It's development that matters. And apparently, I'm developing. But I'm not there yet. =/

Something I'm definitely not developing in; sociology.

I feel kay my life is totally centered around school and that again makes me feel stupid. I wish there was more to my life sometimes. Like had had actual things to do other then the go-to-school-come-back-home routine.

But it's not. I must be the most boring 18 year old on the planet. -_-

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