Saturday, March 20, 2010

Out of the ordinary. Yup. Not me.

***** is one of the coolest people ever. Not that i'll ever tell her that.

I love how she's funny, and kind and smart. How she has such a strong personality. How even after she'd been hounded, ranted and raved at about getting married and 'settling down' by most of the females in our family (my mother included, unfortunately) she hasn't budged from her decision to not lead the 'typical life'.

Instead she's going to some university in the US (she hasn't decided which one yet) on a full scholarship (that's right. My cousin is a Full-bright scholar).

She's her own person and she's fairly successful at it.

I want to be like that see. Out of the ordinary. SomeOne. SomeThing. I want to make a difference or be part of change.

One of the reasons I love Nixor so much is that I've gotten such great teachers and had the opportunity to learn so so much.

My law teacher, Ms. Abira is someone one I'd like to be like too. She's this socialist-lawyer-teacher person who's so very cool. She inspires me to be someone, to be a part of change, to stand up, and fight back against the system.

I want that. To inspire.

I don't know what I'll do in life. I'm hopping to stick with Law but do something before that. It was always pre-law before, and then I decided to go to LUMS and just do law but my teach says 19 year olds aren't ready to learn the law. That we should have a bachelors is something else to have greater experience, a wider scope. For that I was thinking journalism. But really, I. Don't. know.

And then all my planning scares me. What if I'm an 'epic fail'? A disappointment.
What then of my Dreams, Hopes and Aspirations?

I should go study.

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