Thursday, April 15, 2010

Need to feel appreciated?

I do.

I really really do. Since our maid has been on a vacation it seems like I'm doing all the work around our place. I wash the dishes. I make my bed. I wash the clothes. I water the plants. I iron the clothes. I help make the food. And I try to fit in as much revision as possible in what little time I have left - okay, no I don't. I watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S -

This may not seem like everyday stuff to those who don't have maid's (everybody outside of Pakistan, that is), but to people who're used to having it done for them every day IT IS A BIG DEAL.

And hard work.

I must sound SO self-centered.

But I do A LOT of work. A LOT. And nobody appreciates it! They just keep piling it on My brother doesn't have to do anything since he's a BOY and apparently my sister's too young. -_- That leaves me.

Maqsooda, I have never missed you so much. You do so much for us. Thank you.


  1. They all do. Lets just appreciate them. :D

  2. And. Boys NEVER do ANY work. Makes me mad. Only right now my dadi was saying that today's girls don't do any work at all, while boys are more cooperative. When I do all that you mentioned above and my male cousins call their friends at home and do "group study". -____-
    Hey! That'll be my next post! :)