Monday, April 26, 2010

Reason number 53462789

Why I love History, even though I'm failing.


Like today, when I entered class two of the kids in my class, S and Z were talking about a friend of their's who was getting engaged, and how another one had gotten married a while ago. They argued that it was all wrong to get girls married off at such a young age, especially into a family where (they felt) she didn't 'fit in'. She'd gone to their very 'liberal' school and had been forced(?)to marry a guy who's family observed complete hijab, didn't have telephones or televisions at their place and other somethingsomethings.

They, (rightly-I believe) were indignant that her parents hadn't cared enough to give her a proper -or complete- education before marrying her off. The Dr. however, disagreed. He felt that the parents were probably doing whatever they thought was the right thing to do, seeing as securing a 'safe' future for your kids is a parents first duty. And he felt that Women without male backing in The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, were very vulnerable.

In societies such as ours, where Money and Muscle rule the roost, mean no accountability for any action, there seems to be no place for equality. And even when you TRY to have women become economically independent and educated, it still won't work because they'll be working at a workplace in a society which does not only discourage economic independence in women, but basically frowns upon women being independent, in any way possible.

The average Pakistani male is a bastard of the first order -Dr. Farooq Sheikh

I couldn't agree more Sir, and if it were up to me I would, as you suggested, have any male who even attempts to molest a woman castrated. No questions asked.

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