Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shit happens.

So today I'm going to share with my (non-existent) readers something that happened some time ago, which only my best friend knows about.

A few days after my birthday in August, I was home, alone. My brother was about to leave and I'd gotten a text from my best friend who was going to go apply to A level schools. She asked if I was free and if I could come along. I of course, gladly agreed. And since my brother was about to leave I hurried and changed and and left the house. Only I left it unlocked.

So after a while (on our way back from Southshore) I get this call from my dad. Who asks where I am, and when if when I was at home had I noticed anyone coming in? Or did I see if my mom's closet door was open? I hadn't.

So then my dad 'dropped' the bomb. Telling me how when my mom had come home all her
jewelery was missing. ALL of it. Being the looser that I am, I stared Crying. And Shakeel asked if I was okay, and needed to go home. I decided I didn't want to go home.

Eventually I did get home. Now they were three people at my place when this happened. The maid, who'd been working at our place for like 5 years, and the other guy, who's been at our place for like the last 15 years. So we really don't know who did it.

My dad has been all for it's the maid, and she has no husband and 5 kids and she needed the money. So she was 'forced by the circumstances' to do it. My dad wanted her arrested, my mom didn't let him. "Going all, if it's not her then it'll be morally wrong to put her through that and stuff"

Anyway, it was all 'down under' for a while, until last week. Her daughters got married. And apparently people came and told my dad about how her daughters' marriages were 'grand' and the thing has blown up again. My dad now has no doubt it was her, who used the money for her daughters' 'grand' marriages. So he plans to have her arrested as soon as she come back from her 'vacation'. Jabkay my mom still insists it wasn't her.

Which leads us to the question; who was it?

We don't know.

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