Monday, May 31, 2010

Cutest Blog on the Block, and incoherent rambling.

That's not my blog. I have an ugly blog. I need to find a nice new template. Which is, as Maria D. once said, 'me'.

My sister has an exam tomorrow at this big fancy school. I wish my parents had thought to enroll me in the said 'B.F.S'. I hated my school. Most people have such fond memories of school, and all I have is an unbelievable hatred for the place where I was tortured (mentally, since physically isn't allowed. Although if it were they'd have love to do it) for about five years.

I suppose that's the reason people love their schools so much, they've been in them for years. I've been in atleast five schools before high school and haven't been able to build a connection with any, really. Still, I haven't disliked any as much as I disliked my last school.

Anyway, whatever.

I'm bored, these days. I had nothing to read so I borrowed a ton of Judith McNaught books from a cousin. They're not fun, so far. I'm also trying to finish Tess these days. I read an abridged version ages ago and loved it. I've this edition for quite some time now, and have finally decided to pick it up and FINISH it.

ALSO I have once again become addicted to . It's a Harry Potter Fan-Fic site. I love(ed?) Harry Potter. I was in second grade when it first came out. I remember my mom issuing a copy from the library and trying to get me or my brother to read it. And I remember thinking how boring and uninteresting it was. That opinion soon changed. Soon I loved Harry Potter like I've loved nothing else.

I remember how me and my friend Sheena used to make up stories in which we would be part of their world. Our own fan-fic of sorts. I miss that time sometimes. Sheena was the first real 'best-friend' I had. I remember how she used to always crack me up. She was hilarious. I love hilarious people. If you can make me laugh, I'll love you. Not that it's hard to make me laugh. I laugh a lot.

I've also once again become fixated with Rose Red. That was one coolio movie. I read the diary of Ellen Rimbauer afterwards sure beyond doubt Rose Red was real. I planned trips to Seattle to see it.

Beautiful, isn't it? Supposed to be haunted. The house changes. Grows.

"There have been only two documented investigations of the house and the two of them cite similar and practically identical phenomenon. The parapsychologists staying in the bedrooms of Rose Red with the permission of Steven Rimbauer have described a majority of phenomenon bordering between typical and the unusual. The ghosts have been described as resembling decomposed and desiccated corpses wandering the estate and peeking around corners as well as in traditional spectral anamorphous shapes. Ellen Rimbauer’s ghost has been glimpsed flitting around the halls and corridors or standing in thought just out of eyeshot. However, her personality and behavior remains bipolar. To the people she considers as guests, she can be kind and endearing to the point of leaving gifts. To all others, she can be frightening and merciless. Members of Max Burnsteim’s investigative team felt they were in critical danger as things fell close to them, just short of causing major harm and presences seemed to chase them through the house. One observer remarked that Ellen seems determined to control everything in the house, and by all terms and purposes, that seems to be what is occurring. Another source practically describes her as possessed.

Other members of Max Burnstheim’s team remarked they thought they saw a ghostly little girl wandering the upstairs with a deformed left arm pulled up close to her chest. Sometimes accompanied by temperatures of extreme cold, she is believed to be April Rimbauer, but she is much more distant than her mother’s spirit and refuses to be acknowledged or confronted. Much more active is the presence of Sukeena, Ellen’s best friend and companion. During the short times tours were conducted through the place, a woman of slender build and African descent believed to be the housekeeper has met a few people at the front entrance. Often conducting informal tours beyond the knowledge of the Seattle Historical Society, Sukeena has described to visitors the most intimate details of Rose Red that only a person who lived there would know. Often appearing as a normal living person to those who have seen her, Sukeena has surprised and received scoffs from visitors refusing to believe she is one of the ghosts. Others who have encountered her, mostly men, are quite the opposite by reporting they have been put off by an indefinable aura of danger as she tries to lure them into parts of the house and grounds.

One of Burnstheim’s researchers noted the odd moving around of a female statue seen on the grounds while observing from an upstairs bedroom window. Over the course of a few nights, he reported that it seemed to be closer to the house on some occasions and nearly obscured by a tree on others. Noting its placements by time, day and circumstance, he made note that it seemed to circle the pool it overlooked and even turned on occasion from facing it. One night, it actually seemed to turn its head up to him in what was most likely an optical illusion."

Oh and I Goggled 'Bad schools in Karachi' and found this;

Pathetic. Anyone know these girls? Tell them their pictures are being used for shit like this, maybe they'll be able to get the owner to remove them. Or sue him? Hhaha I think not.


  1. My God, i just saw the website you mentioned... who in the whole wide world could be so pathetic to do such a thing >:(.. after all, guys are pathetic once again in my eyes :( and they are those guys who bring bad name even to the nice ones around here.

  2. Sarah H., men tend to generally disappoint. The site is just a sad depiction of society.

  3. Pathetic ! These guys they should just die :/ Batameez kaheen kay!

    And you asked me where did I get my blogger background from. I got it from

    I hope you'll find the perfect one for yours too. Waisy I'm bored with mine. Might change it soon. Everything life

  4. have a look at these too.