Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's over!

Because it is.

It ended today. That's four sexualzxx exams and three not so sexual exams =/

But it's over! And I went around hugging people I've never even talked to before.


Anyway talking to this one person made me remember something.

You know how people in Pakistan don't have a clue as to what they are saying at times?
I mean who says
"Yes, it was very, very, fatal, the accident! but mashallah he's okay now"

I mean please. Dont say fatal if you dont know what it means goddamnit.

and what about,
"Oh he's very healthy mashallah!"
This said about an obese little kid who adores french fries. He probably worships the Potato God or something!

Weird pakis.

-aesha m.


  1. Aliens are green because they eat spinach? Seriously Sal?

  2. Reminded me of Popeye the Sailor Man.
    AND. Congrats! :D
    People are weird obviously. I heard someone say:
    "OMG OMG OMG I AM FREEE! I can't believe that! Yes! Now only Eco left then fun!"
    Retarded people. -_-

  3. XD
    Also, definitely watch Lost, it's obsessive. And also Charmed if you haven't already!

  4. Lissa, will do.

    CLG and Sara, I couldn't think of anything else. E.M sounded really lame. =/

  5. hmmm....Pakistani might be stupid in talking sometimes but the best thing in them that they never dis-own anyone....

    The people who belived that they are so HOT just because they came back from so and so country ....basically being dis-owned by their so and so HOT country...came back here and pretend that they are the so called so intelligent and so HOT...but basically they are the dis-owned one...the people who dont actually know where they belong to...pity....

    hmmm....Pakistani people are more liberal and patient and never dis-own their own people.... better start respecting PEOPLE girl....otherwise you will lost everything...

    Just a friendly gesture...hmmm....

  6. What you say hmmm?

    I'm sorry, I didn't understand much of what you're trying to say.

    Your comment seems to be about 'dis-owning' people. Which really, has nothing to do with my post.

    And if I may ask, how many 'liberal', 'patient' Pakistani's do you know?

    Thank you for your friendly gesture. hmmm... I'll be sure to keep it in mind. hmmm...

  7. LOL @ the "healthy" kid who worships the potato god...

    this is an interesting place girl :)