Friday, June 11, 2010

The losers who make it worth it.

I can't believe just how boring this summer is turning out to be. Like UNBELIEVABLE hai.

Each summer I plan on making that summer awesome. About doing awesome things and more or less just having fun.

I'm not having fun this summer. Come to think of it I didn't last summer either. The year before that was fantastic though. haha Mostly because of the Community Service hours we were supposed to complete at this hospital. I met one of the coolest most amazing people that summer. Didn't exactly meet I suppose since I'd known her since the 6th grade and we were already kinda friends, but that summer I spent actual time with her and learnt just how awesome she was.

I haven't had the greatest luck with 'friends', to be honest. Apparently I'm not a very good judge of character. But, whatever. I'm pretty happy with the friends I've made this year. They're awesome. :) That's them:

And the coolest, my hopefully soon-to-be-first-person-who's-place-I-sleepover-at-for-the-first-time-in-my-life. (Yeah I'm eighteen, and I've never been to a sleepover. -_- Now you know how awful my life is?)

Anyway, that's her. Isn't she pretty :) haha

And two of them are amazing bloggers too CLG and Sara. Check them out. They won't disappoint. :)

And I saved the best for last. The funniest, kindest, coolest, most wonderful person I've ever had the fortune to get to know, my best friend Aleena M. :D

This was probably my stupidest post ever. See? I've lost my (did I even have it?) flare. Ah well, that's them. The looser who make my life worth living. Love you suckers. :)


  1. sweet:) friends help you keep your sanity. lucky u have a hand full of them. enjoy the sleepover, i'm almost 21 and i never had one either:P

  2. haha Thanks Zee. I hope I get to have it. I haven't actually asked my parents yet:P

    Love you too CLG :D

  3. Have fun at the sleepover :)

    I had my first one when I was nine. Should I be worried? :P

  4. No Anuradha, you should instead thank god your parents aren't like mine :P

    Who by the way, said no, I couldn't go. So no sleepover for me. :(