Sunday, June 6, 2010

That's twenty.

I have twenty followers today!


I'm getting exited.

AND it rained.

Really, I was COMPLETELY convinced Phet wasn't going to come anywhere near Karachi. I had atrip to Sunday Bazar (local flea market) all planned out. And all the 'status updates' about people wanting to 'walk into the cyclone' and the ' Dear Mr. Phet' s were getting really annoying.

And I was kindda right. There was no cyclone. The Pakistani Media was being such a drama queen.

BUT I'm glad it rained. It probably drowned all of Karachi and people were without electricity for more than twelve hours. But, whatever. We need this.

In other news I've been free for almost two weeks and haven't 'partied' yet. My life is just really sad and boring. All I do all day is read. Which I love, but still. Haad hoti hai.

I have a whole list of movies I want to watch. But can't. Anyone know where I can watch movies online? Anyone know any good ACTUALLY scary movies I should watch?

This is not fun.



    You are a looosaaah.

  2. Hiya ..
    I share your feeling about the PHET affair..:)
    and moreover I'm gonna be your 21st Follower..:P

    PS:it seems you got an html problem with your blog,if you can't solve this on your own,feel free to contact me at mine.

  3. Oh Phet is so stupid. Read my blog post Saaleha. ^_^

  4. Phet was bad, it drowned Muscat completely