Saturday, July 3, 2010


I'm finally home. My summer has so far been, well, pretty wonderful. :D

From awesome proms, first ever sleepovers, promises of Lahore and the parents's skipping town; this summer was, at the very least, eventful.

Oh and I got a a haircut. haha Which is really no big deal for most people, but I went from:


Yeah. Imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw what the hairdresser had done. But whatever. It'll grow back. And it doesn't look too awful.

Moving on. I planned to go to Lahore with CLG last week. Hasn't happened yet.

I asked my dad and he was all okay with it. I was supposed to leave on the 1st. But on the 228th I was at my aunt's place and learnt from her that they'd left for Islamabad a few hours before. Total WTF moment, I tell you. I couldn't believe she was talking about my parents. They don't go to a different city without telling their kids.

Obviously, I was wrong. They got back today, and I feel it's too soon to ask about my Lahore plans.

I feel selfish, but they never should have said yes in the first place if they were going to pull this >.<

I didn't expect them to say yes when I asked. My mom never says yes. NEVER okay, never. But she did. She said, "fine with me, ask your dad."

Which I did. So he called his (I think) Travel Agent friend to ask what was the deal on going to Lahore.

IN FRONT OF ME, OKAY. Which resulted in me getting even more excited, and telling my friend and us planning on getting Purple (me, she's already 'been there and done that') and Blue (her) hair. Watching movie-marathons, meeting her old friends, eating out, shopping and basically just having pure unadulterated fun.

Right now I would have looked like this:

Oh and I made two new friends. Meet Maw, and Paw.

That's them swimming in the bowls we caught them in. And that's their home. Where I go to visit them every day

haha I like fish. :D


  1. Helllllo.
    Purple hair's cool. :D
    Which one's Paw?

  2. Hiii. :D

    Purple hair is the shit. :D

    And I can't tell them apart yet :(