Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kiss My Converse.

I saw this movie yesterday, The Last Dragon. Usmay there's this scene when this guy asks the other guy to fight him. The other guy says something about not wishing to fight him. And some other shit happens. Anyway The-Bad-Guy then snaps his finger, points to his feet and says 'Kiss My Converse.' The-Good-Guy apparently thinks it's okay to kiss people's shoes cuz he concedes. However before he can get a good smooch of The-Bad-Guy's Chuck Taylors, he delivers a kick to The-Good-Guy’s mouth instead, knocking him on his behind.

Lesson of this story, it's never okay to kiss somebody's shoes. Ever. =/

Anyway. I don't want to go back to school. I just don't. I'm tired and annoyed and pissed and just don't want this anymore. I loved my school last year but (according to me, at least) it's becoming such a greedy bitch and that's making me mad-er. I'm tired of all the Shark-Love.

But I have to go to school. If I ever want to get into

Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley Massachusetts. Where I'd study Politics and then go to Law School. At Dartmouth. Or not. haha That's plan A. That's what would happen in an ideal world. Of course nothing of the sort happens to be. For which I have Plan B. seedha Law School at LUMS. And if even that doesn't work out then Plan C. Kinnaird College or Forman Christian College for Literature or Political Science and then Law School again.

All my plans end with Law School. Is that sad? Matlab how I have no other, lets call it, options?

There is of course a Plan D, if all else fails. That's taking a gap year. Getting a job, or traveling around the world. Alone. Or with people who's company I'd enjoy. Not family, much as I love them, never family. Or I could just get a job. I know at least one place that'd hire me.


  1. Okay Ouch... and hahahahh Shark-love. We're Titans now.. -___- Donot ask. I'm not really proud of it. ANywho.. i hope things workout for you...:) I know they will

  2. OMG :O I want to go to Law School too :D
    Yale for the win! :D

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