Sunday, July 25, 2010

This year's going to be awful.

Just saying.

'Being a hard-core feminist at heart who dreams of being independent , it is hard for em to digest the sacrificing eastern-girl attitude adopted by some of the girls I unfortunately know.

"Oh we know our future is a husband and three kids so why dream of having a job and living alone?" said one individual leaving me gaping at her with my mouth half-open.

Given one such individual or even thirteen like her and a peaceful room I could argue their brains out and make them think like me but it is rather annoying when they shoot u with a you're-just-a-kid-and-you'll-start-thinking-like-us-soon look and smirk at you. Ugh and the best I can do then , is say OK fine be like this. Act like those illiterate village women who bear cricket teams after cricket teams and have no purpose in life. See if I care.

I mean puh-leez. Even if you know for sure that your future is going to be the husband and kids at the age of 19, you can at least broaden your minds. You can at least aspire, hope, dream and not act stupid and think of which designer you're going to get your bridal dress made from.'

I miss A. M. She was just really cool.


  1. Unusual. :O I really don't get to hear this from anybody I know. Everybody aspires to get into university and kickstart a brilliant career.

    At any rate, feminism is awesome. *highfive*

  2. Only in Pakistan....!

    A.M, as in, your bff?

  3. Anuradha for five years I went to a school where most girls couldn't wait to 'tie the knot'. THAT was their biggest dream in life. -_-

    Only in Pakistan, is right. And no. Of course not.

  4. How.. cool awesome much?
    Don't dread next yearr. its going to be fine :)

  5. I know! These girls are so annoying. Throwing their lives away for some stupid guy! There are no prince charming, only frogs! -__-

    good bloggie u ve here! =)