Saturday, September 4, 2010

I think I've finally pulled a Harry Potter.

Not the becoming a Wizard and going off to Hogwarts, but the living in a cupboard and having no friends bit.


  1. Aw.
    I love yoou.
    But you are so lame.

    You have friends.

    For proof, check my facebook albums.

  2. You have alotta friends.. you're just in your emo phase.

  3. *hugs*
    i bets that's slightly not true?

  4. friends are highly over rated. That's what myspace and chat roullette are for.

    It's be awesome to be a wizard...darn it. That's so not halal a thought.

  5. CLG, stfu and come back.

    Al, haha. Internet friends like CLG over here ^.

    Sychh, Eman, Ubaid, yeah..

    Haha just slightly.

    Alpha Za, HAHAHAHAHA Chat Roullette isn't for making friends. It's for middle aged men who can't get a date and are looking for cyber-sex. -_-

    haha Haram in Ramadan? Shit man, DOUBLE DOUBLE GUNNAH NOW :P

  6. Aw:( Just wait for your owl! It will come soon!