Thursday, October 28, 2010

Several Species Of Large Angry Sharks Gathered Together In A Tank And Dancing With A Pict

I complain too much.

I constantly complain about the people around me, about how very very, stupid they are and how their 'not thinking, just doing' doesn't bother them. About how they don't really have an 'Aim' in life, because they're okay with whatever. Because in my book, if you're happy with the mediocre, you're a fail.

I also am always complaining about the the unfair (also illegal, if you're interested) policies of SharkTank Pvt. Ltd. About the hardcore capitalism they're all about and how they need to stop making everything so complicated. I wonder if this is slander. Because if it is, I'll get expelled for it. Read that in the handbook just today.

I was reading this book I borrowed from a friend, Journey to A Revolution. It's all about the Hungarian Revolution and it starts with how the Hungarians were tired of being Russia's bitch. How they they were tired of methodically having every form of self expression stifled and having every individual impulse suppressed. Reminds me of
someplace where it's absolutely imperative everyone has the same cellphone network. Just saying.

So here's the thing. I'm not going to complain anymore. Not just not out loud, but really, not at all. I'm going to make the most of this. I loved SharkTank Pvt. Ltd. last year because it helped me learn. I have some of the coolest teachers ever, and I'm going to spend the rest of this year learning from them, as much as I can.

I have this need to know. No, not about who your boyfriend's sister's best friend's class mate is going out with, but about The World. People. Religions. Cultures. Books. Old Movies and new Ideas.

Okay, wow. I just reread that and it sounds reallyyy pretentious. I wonder who actually bothers to read this, I'm sorry, my life is neither quaint nor humorous, and nothing ever happens that is even remotely anecdotal.

Also, if you get the title, you have GREAT taste in music.


  1. haha, ouch, I bother to read this.

    we're all individuals, as much as we like being considered normal, we all have our own quirks and preferences and distinct desire to be different. That's just the way we are.


    acha, I love you and your blog, plus this made me LOL.

    So kudos to you.

  3. I love you, but even YOU know you have awful taste in music.