Saturday, February 27, 2010

Starting over. Again.

Wordpress or Blogspot?
Someone, [The-almost-sister :) ] said Worpress, but the themes-things here are so much nicer=/
So, The Morality of Murder. Havard Lecture,
OhMyGod. Amazing.
I haven't see even one whole lecture yet but its very though provoking so far;
Would you steer an unstopable trolley car onto a side track so it'd kill one person but save the lives of five others?
But then, would you push a man infront of the it? He'd die, but consequently save the lives of the other five.
What is the RIGHT thing to do?
Everyone was all for killing the single worker and saving the lives of the other five, except for a handfull of people. Because that'd be like utilitarinism. Killing a minority race for the benefit of the majorty. Or something like that.
The professor then asked what if you were a doctor, and you had five patients who all needed some organ so they could live. In the next room there was a healthy guy, who just came for a check up. Would you kill him, take all his organs to save the lives of the other five?
It's like what we did in law sometime ago. What may seem morally right, may not always be leagally right.

Ivy League education in your (mom's- in my case) bedroom.
All thanks to those physically-emotinally-under-developed guniesses who still live with there moms. Ouch.

On a COMPLELELY unrelated note, I must ask for an appoinment with my college councilor soon.