Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I gotta pocket, gotta pocketful of sunshine.

I'm back from my escapades and unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on how you look at it really) don't look like this. I meant the blue hair, really.

See the 'A' and think The Scarlett Letter? Don't. Think Easy A. It's for Awesome. THANKS AMNA, APPRECIATE IT.

From today we shall learn how men think they're the boss because they objectify women, HOWEVER it's women who WANT to be objectified in order to control men, so basically we want to be objectified, you objectify and... we win?

Yup. Also, I love Lahore. I love how clean it is, how green it is, and most of all how they have amazing bookstores that are actually filled with people. PEOPLE LIKE TO READ IN LAHORE. How A is that? But what's with all the red brick houses? LUMS was eh, so glad that's not going to be my abode for the next four years.


  1. Easy A :D
    Homecoming :D
    Lahore :D
    Awesome Post :D
    (I think I've gotten a bit tipsy)

  2. I love your blog posts.


  3. whats wrong with LUMS? I've heard so much about it o-0 ..intrigued.

  4. LOL yeah lums and LSE and lol almost all big universities and schools are RED :P

  5. Maria, you're always slightly tipsy :P


    Roshni, I didn't say there was anything wrong with it, I just thought it was blah, eh, overrated, NOT all that.

    Ubaid, not just schools and universities, every other house too!

    H.T, Red maybe, red brick, not so much.

  6. Easy A was fundaastic. I laffed and laffed. And I totally knew jus tthe title of your post that that was what it was about. I'm like, psychedelic. Psychic. Whatever. :)

  7. clean and green!?
    Are you serious?

  8. Yeah Poe, I laffed and laffed too.

    And man Ali Kazmi, I don't know where you live, but you've obviously never been to Karachi.

  9. Woman Saaleha, I live in Lahore and I've been to Karachi. And there is no doubt that the former is better and has many 'khoobiyaan'.
    But being clean and green is certainly not one of them. I think you only drove around LUMS!

  10. Of the city, that fact that it was clean and green were the only real 'koobiyaan' I observed.

  11. Dint you say you like the bookstores!?
    And there are many other 'khoobiyan' but anyways. Like your blog.

  12. I like bookstores, but I like beaches more. :)

    haha Thanks

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  14. come onnnnnn dont trip.. you know you dont like lahore! ;)