Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I finally fixed my template. No more repeats now. :D I had to change the whole template and delete something in that and do other very uninteresting stuff, and had to choose a temporary template and this is it. It'll be changed as soon as I have time. Which won't be anytime soon, with the way things are going. =/

I'm starting to hate literature. I kinda skipped this test I had today. I know I shouldn't have, and my teach isn't going to be happy about it but I had to. I didn't know shit, and not giving it is better than failing in it?

I think I want a gap year. I told my mom and she was pretty 'whatever-you-want' about it. Which is quite uncharacteristic, considering how she more or less hit the roof when my brother said it was what he wanted. He didn't get it.

I got a reply from AI. They're like ZOMGYOU'RESOAWESOMEYESPLEASEWORKFORUS. So that's it then? 6 months in England 'bondin wit ma mamo'.

Or not.. I know I said it was what I wanted , and I did, I DO want it. I just want to go to university more.

I don't know.


In Other News, I finally finished Sophie's World. All I have to say about it is, there's a reason that book sold over 30 million copies. Annddd I'm currently rereading Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. I love it. Absolutely LOVE it. It's funny to read it all and remember all the parts I found hilarious over ten years ago, parts I used to read out loud to my mom expecting her to el oh el with me (she never did :c ), parts that still evoke more or less the same emotions they did back then. It's just funny. And sad, in a nice way.


  1. yay for fixing your template! :D
    not giving your test is definitely better than failing it.
    i've never heard of Sophie's World. i'm going to go find a corner and be ashamed of myself now.

  2. HELLO. I like your blog. The title is ozzumz extremez its very original and creative (ha, irony?)

  3. Yay for you!!!!

    Dudeeeee change the template ASAP.. although it is a good change.

  4. Ah Sophie's science teacher always used to rave about it. ALWAYS.
    um..Go AI!

  5. I wonder if your Mom didn't hit the roof when you asked for a gap year, as she did when your brother asked, because she doesn't expect so much academically from you as a girl as she does from your brother. Just asking!

  6. wait . . . i thought i saw you today :S
    template too much green, but better w/o repeats!! yayy you.
    oh how i yearn for a gap yearr !

  7. Haha no no Furree Katt, The book is a history of philosophy, so it really depends on your taste.

    Maryam, -_- Hahaha I'm aware of the fact that it doesn't SOUND original, but it is. I KNOW, I googled.

    Al, I will yaar. It just takes too long to fix the whole thing, so I'm not even getting into it abhi.

    Roshni, your science teacher sounds amazing. Also, I know. :( I want AI, too. But I also want cool-hipster-uni-kid.

    Alec, no, I'm pretty sure thats not it. I think my mom has come to realise there's more to life than just schooling.

    Maria, I know, I know, I'll fix it soon. I was there for the A2 oneee. I just skiped the As one. Two failed Shakespere plays = too much for one day. =/

  8. Sallzzzz. This template is cute.
    Anyway how come you didnt mention the AI thing while we were joint conversing? Anyway, the point is, ENGLAND? Beta, you wish.

  9. Hahaha beta when I'm in England and Z and D are in Canada and Houston, THAN WE'LL SEE HUZ WISHIN k.

  10. I am also taking a gap year.
    I guess!

  11. HARRY POTTER. <3 I should read all the books again too. NEED TO FIND THE TIME.

  12. Actually, I meant that IT IS original =P

  13. Doesnt look bad at all, can do for a time being. And could look great with some minor adjustments here and there.

  14. Ah,the potter days were hell good.

    And the blog is much better nOw!

  15. Good for you Ali Kazmi, Gap Years FTW.

    Aseela, OMG YOU NEED TO. They're EVEN BETTER now. No kidding.

    Hahaha, thanks Maryam :P

    And thanks, AGL, I plan on making those adjustments soon.

    Yeah Hamza, they sure were :( And thanks.