Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mr. Pinter you see, knows where you live.

I can not wait for 11 am tomorrow.

Never again will I torture my eyes with Red Notes.



    See, I had this exam on the 10th of June. It was my last exam. It was a Literature exam. This year I gave 4 literature exams. Cuz my literature exams last year sucked. So my lit teach, she gives us these notes, and for the most part they're red. VERYVERYBRIGHTMAROONRED. And it's really hard to read all that black on red. This year, my pile of literature notes, stacked together, was almost a FEET tall, I kid you not. And 75% of that was in red. So that explains the 'Red Notes' bit.

    Now Mr. Pinter, is a playwright. A damned good one too, and we did one of his plays 'The Homecoming' as part of our course this year, and in your answers you have to quote critics' views and this one, 'Mr. Pinter, you see, knows where you live. “The Homecoming” conveys this knowledge by stealth and, more often than not, by stillness.' by Ben Brantly was my favorite. Well, other than John Lahr's critiques but everyone quotes him anyway so. Yeah.