Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today has been Okay.

In fact, this month has been pretty okay. The result was okay, I'll be going away for university, not as far away as I would have originally liked, but Lahore's okay. It's actually more than okay.

And tonight has been more than fine, thanks to CLG. Here's to a great year, or as my university-of-choice has promised, The Best Four Years of Your Life.


  1. haha nice! em happy for you sweetheart:-)

    Best of Luck! have fun..*hugs*

  2. I hope the year goes from 'good', to 'awesome' for you!!!!!
    Oi. Where are you going for university?

  3. i was pretty disappointed about not going to USA for university too, and instead opting for ACCA, but oh well. gotta make the best of it, ya know?

    so good luck! :)

  4. okayish reult..lucky you ..:(

  5. The 'more than fine' song is really positive!

  6. Best of Luck. Lahore doesn't totally suck, so thats a plus side.