Saturday, October 15, 2011

I changed my url, and blog name, and other stuff because it was time. Also people (one person actually, from Mississippi. I'm on to you) finding my blog by searching for 'this blog doesn't have name', every other day was kinnnnnda creepy. Also, you know, since I'm me, exciting since I've always wanted a stalker.

But whatever, lux in tenebris means light in darkness in Latin, which is what I'm looking for these days. A bitta light. And because I like to be pretentious.

Also, because I changed my url I don't think those who're already 'following' me will get any updates. You'll have to un-follow and re-follow. But hey, this way I'll learn how many of you actually bothered to read my crap.

K bai now.


  1. I bothered to read your crap ^_^ I figured out it was you when I saw the 'No, you make me a sandwich' picture on my post's comments. Lol. :)

    Love the new blog title, btw.

  2. haha thank you, you're such a darling :*

  3. I LOVE YOU. And this is better, and more YOU.

  4. Wow @ Latin and stuff.

  5. Oooh, I was just wondering who this is.
    The Latin is beautiful <3