Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy P. G. Wodehouse/ Jules Vallès Death Anniversary!!

On the 14th of Feb, 1920 The League of Women Voters was founded in Chicago, Illinois.

I love women who find leagues of sorts. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

So, what'd you do today?

Gave the LCAT? Hmmm? Eveyone's giving it. XCPT M3. THAT MAKES ME :D
Cuz I can't do math. Not at all. Partly the reason why I didn't givee the SATs either. But if you're one of the 19,580 who gave it today, good luck to you.


Now I just need time to read them. :(

Here's something that DIDN'T make very happy.

'The Urdu word for 'woman' is 'aurat'. This is derived from the Arabic word 'awrah', that can mean 'genitalia, weakness, deficiency, imperfection'. No wonder a woman is required to be covered at all times.'
-When being a woman is a crime, Irfan Hussain


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I finally fixed my template. No more repeats now. :D I had to change the whole template and delete something in that and do other very uninteresting stuff, and had to choose a temporary template and this is it. It'll be changed as soon as I have time. Which won't be anytime soon, with the way things are going. =/

I'm starting to hate literature. I kinda skipped this test I had today. I know I shouldn't have, and my teach isn't going to be happy about it but I had to. I didn't know shit, and not giving it is better than failing in it?

I think I want a gap year. I told my mom and she was pretty 'whatever-you-want' about it. Which is quite uncharacteristic, considering how she more or less hit the roof when my brother said it was what he wanted. He didn't get it.

I got a reply from AI. They're like ZOMGYOU'RESOAWESOMEYESPLEASEWORKFORUS. So that's it then? 6 months in England 'bondin wit ma mamo'.

Or not.. I know I said it was what I wanted , and I did, I DO want it. I just want to go to university more.

I don't know.


In Other News, I finally finished Sophie's World. All I have to say about it is, there's a reason that book sold over 30 million copies. Annddd I'm currently rereading Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. I love it. Absolutely LOVE it. It's funny to read it all and remember all the parts I found hilarious over ten years ago, parts I used to read out loud to my mom expecting her to el oh el with me (she never did :c ), parts that still evoke more or less the same emotions they did back then. It's just funny. And sad, in a nice way.