Saturday, July 16, 2011


A summary.

LOL I'm sorry, I can't take this OMGTHISISTHEEND. It's not. Shut up. If it was really going to end it'd have ended in July 2007. True fans don't like the movies, K? The movies are stupid.

Now you know what'll happen and don't need to watch the movie. YOU'REWELCOME.

BUT even though the movies arenowherenearasgoodasthebooksandanycomparisonwhatsoeverisjustwrong, Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls are (is? It's just one guy) amazing and this, this, had me going :'c

And Harry Freakin' Potter, AVPS. Cuz you know, StarKidPotter is awesome?

We don't prefer Gandalf, Merlin, or Oz, you're a whole lot hotter, with that lightning scar you're a superstar!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hormonal Post. Pliss don't judge.

It's already five-thirty, I could've sworn it was two just like 10 mins ago. Though, obviously it wasn't..

Anyway, this one is for this guy/girl:

Where are you these days ? You haven't updated your blog from quite a time. 6 days ago


Lol okay I'm going to update. With absolute crap, as usual.

A) (...)

CLG thinks I don't know him well enough to be in 'love' with him, she's right actually. I don't. So this probably isn't love, and I'm going to regret using this as a reason, later. Not now, now well, I'm good for now.

B) This blog was supposed to be anonymous, it's not, anymore, it sucks but it's my fault.

C) I used to think I was this amazing angrazi-writing-hero. Lang105 was my favorite class last year. Not only because I was numba 1 (have a transcript to prove it and everything :D), but because I was really good at that class without ever trying. I was looking thorough my Language tests and Mocks and stuff from last year and there's this comment, Ms. Manji wrote on one of my papers, 'Brilliant Saleeha!!! You are a born writer!' and I really can not tell you how much that meant to me, at the time.

I don't write-write anymore though, I don't know why. My As Literature grade maybe? I dropped language at the beginning of A2 too, because I just didn't want to deal anymore.

You know how they say grades don't matter? They lie. Lielielielielie. I can assure you, they do. Last year when I was getting As in all my classes (except history, but the teach still thought I was an okay kid, and everyone else was doing pretty badly too, so it didn't really matter) I was happy and confident, because I knew I was good enough to compete with these other kids. This year I wasn't as good as them, last year I had six subjects, but I managed and enjoyed them, for the most part. This year I could hardly cope with the bare minimum, three. I let the fact that I wasn't as 'good' as the others get to me, and whatever, it's not like it matters anymore, but I wish I hadn't.


By Oct 2011 every Nixor student will have their own debit card. I really do not know what to say.

E) I really like Imogen Heap.

F) My brother's friend is sleeping over at our place tonight. His room doesn't have an air conditioner so Omer's sleeping with my Dad in Faiza's room, His poor friend is in his (probably very hot) room, Faiza is watching Gilmore Girls in the rec room, and my Mum and Nano are both in my parent's room. Isn't this lovely?

G) I hate it when people recognize my brother from his shows. They'll be all OMGYOU'RETHATGUY, and I'll be all calm down pre-teen girl, it's a fazool show for idiots.

Haha I remember he used to have this person who wanted to 'talk' to him all the time named Sauleha and all our relatives thought Sauleha was ME and told me to stop calling him so often, lol yeah, it wasn't cool.


Oh btw, new header. Like/dislike? It doesn't seem